Figurative Language Rap Battle

By Eli Carter & Jonathan Alvarez  in Ms. Donica’s class.

Last Friday, all of fifth grade had our Figurative Language Rap Battle. For almost a half a month we had prepared for that day. We had watched the video on (to see it, copy this link –> several times in homeroom and reading class, we had even gotten lyrics to the song. A couple days later, it was time for us to start singing along without the video playing. FINALLY, it was time. Early that Friday, every class in fifth grade went outside to start rapping. Mrs. Bourgoin’s class went first. Safe to say, they landed last (no offense to y’all). They were completely out of sync and practically screaming. The next class, Mrs. Lindsey’s class were better. They had good rhythm, but were slightly out of syncronization. Third, Mrs. Law’s class were up. They were much better. First of all, they hadn’t brought their lyrics, and were almost perfectly in sync. Of course, we hadn’t brought our lyrics either. Lastly, it was our turn (if you’re wondering who “we” is, LOOK AT THE HEADING!!!!). We almost won, but we forgot a (huge) stanza. Otherwise, it was nigh perfect. So, naturally, Mrs. Law’s class won (DARN!). But, nevertheless, we all had a good time!


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