The Crossover

By:    Camryn Guthrie, Sofia Camacho,and Annie Beth Beshear


In Mrs. Lindsey’s fifth grade classroom we have started reading The Crossover by Kwame Alexander. The Crossover  is about a boy named Josh Bell, his twin brother,  Jordan Bell (J.B.) and their parents Crystal,and Chuck (da man) Bell. Josh and J.B have a strong passion for basketball. They live, eat, breath, and sleep basketball. Josh has long locks that he treats like gold.  J.B. is obsessed with Michael Jordan, and he has  Michael Jordan  merchandise. J.B. also loves to bet, he bets on almost everything, if it is sunny outside he’ll bet that it will rain. He also bet their dad that the Krispy Kreme sign was on. J.B. pulled out a whooping 50 dollars from that bet! Then J.B. challenged his brother to a bet, the bet was if the score gets tied AND if it comes down to the last shot AND if J.B. gets the ball AND if J.B. doesn’t miss, he gets to cut of one of Josh’s locks.

Later, a new girl walks into the lunchroom and J.B., along with all of the other boys, gazed at the new girl. J.B. fell in love with the new girl right away. Josh decided that she was just plain pulchritudinous. Now J.B is acting all weird. He is always smiling and his eyes get all spacey when she’s around and sometimes when she’s not around. He started wearing his dad’s cologne, and he even wore loafers to school. Josh had to start doing everything by himself because J.B. was always with the new girl ( Alexis ). Their dad has a disease called hypertension, which is high blood pressure. He also has patella tendinitis, a condition that arises when the muscle that connects the kneecap to the shin bone becomes iterated due to overuse.This is what we have read so far from The Crossover!


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