Our Class Biographies

Nope, not autobiographies, biographies about famous people from the past and present. Were going to tell you about the steps and the process to making our  informational   biographies. The first thing we had to do was each pick a person to write about, and find a book from the library about them. Next, we had to fill out a chart, that basically  put all of our information  in order of which we needed to write it in. Then, we got our chrome books, and went go into google docs and had to write 2-5 paragraphs about our person. The first paragraph had to answer questions like, when and where they were born, who their parents were, their education, and where they lived. The  next paragraph had to be about what they did and three character traits that described them. The final touch on the paper was the time line, that had some major events in that persons life. You could either type or write that timeline. The final thing we had to do was draw or create  a picture of our person. What we mean by that is we were given things like yarn,construction paper,googly eyes, and buttons. Then you could put them on a saprate piece of paper or glue it straight on the final paper. Tell us in the comments below if these steps helped you to write your biographies. Thanks for reading.



One thought on “Our Class Biographies

  1. Fifth grade did such an amazing job on these! I loved seeing all of your hard work in the hallway! We have such a creative group of kiddos this school year!


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