A Life of a Snowflake

By: Wesley Sheets

Snowflakes are very normal,

But one is very special,

So memorable,

So inspirational to try and go out,

But the blizzard is too strong,


The blizzard mounts the ground,

Bells chime,

Not a big waste of time,

To sleep,

And fall down,

Too see your face on the ground,

Now you get up and feel light headed,

Falling back down,

You sleep and that snowflake is in your mind,

You get up and think “What is the snowflake’s life like?”

A snowflake falls in blizzards fast,

Way back in the past,

The snowflake doesn’t have much mass,

The snowflake sometimes can’t pass the blizzard,

Then it’s over,

Winter is over,

Then you dry and melt,

That snowflake lived a life,

Just like you!


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